What is CutWise?

CutWise is a new type of puzzle game for iOS that challenges your spatial perception. The goal is to cut one shape into pieces and rearrange them to make another shape. Sounds simple, but the trick is to make as a few cuts as possible. These puzzles have many solutions, your job is to find good solutions.

Each puzzle is hand-crafted to provide an experience that unfolds as you work with the puzzle. Some solutions will come easily and others will appear as you explore the facets of the puzzle. However you play CutWise, as a fascinating diversion or as a brain-training mental exercise, CutWise will engage your spatial reasoning in a new and fun way that will challenge even dedicated puzzle aficionados. Cut wisely!


  • Never worry about a timer! Relax and open your mind, it's just you and the puzzle.
  • Every puzzle has a par, or number of cuts, to shoot for. Can you beat par?
  • Tons of replay-ability! Try to find better solutions to the puzzles you've already solved. You never know when inspiration will strike!
  • Save your solutions and replay them. You'll be amazed at how clever some of your solutions are!
  • Start with 6 free puzzles to build your skills and get more puzzles by downloading puzzle collections. Enjoy a wide range of hand-crafted puzzles, with more collections coming soon.
  • Earn achievements and find your place on the leaderboard with the fewest total cuts for a puzzle collection!

Inspiration and Design

CutWise is indebted to the ancient puzzle of the Tangram and the category of dissection puzzles as a whole. The Tangram is a wonderful physical manifestation of the dissection puzzle. CutWise, as a virtual puzzle, allows you to take the next step of endlessly creating and uncreating your own puzzle pieces. This gives you a chance to optimize your solutions and reconsider puzzles to see if there's a better solution.

The pieces are on a grid to make the puzzle approachable. The number of cuts is no longer infinite, as in a classic dissection puzzle, but a manageable number that one can anticipate and effectively work with. The grid also makes the relationships between shapes easier to grasp. It is easier to see if shapes will fit together and makes the whole process of visualizing a solution more satisfying and less frustrating.


I'm always interested in feedback and improving CutWise, so please contact me with any comments, suggestions or concerns that you may have at giancarlo.schrementi@gmail.com.

If you'd like to lobby for an Android version or you've designed a puzzle that you'd like to me to include, I'm more than happy to listen.


©2015 Giancarlo Schrementi